Center of Excellence in Radiology

Radiology refers to the use of X-Rays, radioactive tracers or ultrasound waves to diagnose and treat numerous diseases. Through radiological imaging, the physicians and patients can get a clear view of the inside of the patient’s body. Today various imaging methods are available but the choice varies according to the body part that needs to be imaged. Tesla Diagnostics is well equipped with the latest, state of the art imaging tools right from Digital X-Ray, Ultrasonograph, Multi-Slice C. T. Scan systems, 3D and 4D Colour Dopplers, Mammography to Digital Dental OPG and much more.

Our imaging services team and radiologists are trained and are highly qualified to recognize best imaging practices. We constantly strive to ensure that you receive the best treatment at the right time.

Digital X-Ray

A small amount of radiation is made to pass through the body and the image is displayed on sensitive digital plates. Tesla is equipped with Five Fuji Digital X-Ray systems across its various centers that helps in providing high resolution images with minimum exposure to radiation. We also provide services like IVU, MCUG, Barium Series, RGU, Fistulogram or Hystero Salphinography (HSG) with our Senior Gynaecologist.

CT Scan

CT Scan or Computed Tomography are powerful tools that uses X-rays to produce detailed images of an organ. We are equipped with advanced Toshiba and Siemens Multislice CT Scanners at our centers. Its applications are in diagnosing diseases pertaining to Neurology, Trauma, Gastro Intestinal Tract or GIT, Urology, ENT or 3D Reconstruction.


Low Dose X-rays are used to examine the breasts which may help in early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases. We are equipped with state of the art GE and Siemens systems help in screening and detection of breast cancers.

Colour Doppler

An incredibly powerful tool that finds applications in the fields of vascular and musculoskeletal imaging. Our high end Philips, GE and Mindray systems present in our centers provides the most accurate results.


Provides a view of the lower face mainly the jaws and teeth including those that are yet to erupt or surface. It is used in orthodontic treatment, diagnosis of TMJ or Temperomandibular Joint problems, assessment of wisdom tooth or other problems related to the teeth and mouth. Our Villa and Allengers Medical OPG Systems provide accurate results.