Patient Care

Tesla Diagnostics provides exemplary services in all areas of patient care be it preventing diseases or treating an illness and injury or disease management. We practice different field of medicine so that you can avail all medical facilities right from visiting a physician to getting lab tests done and visiting a specialist all under one roof. You don’t have to leave the clinic at all. All our departments work together to provide you with the best care at every step.

Disease Preventive Measures

We understand that for a healthy living, preventive checkups are essential for children, women, men or seniors. Our practice includes but is not limited to wellness checkups, vaccinations, routine screenings and referrals to experts/specialists if required. These small steps prove to be very beneficial for you and your family as early detection and prevention of diseases helps in overall well being.

Illness or Injury

At times of illness of injury, it is very important to have a known facility to which you can turn for help. In case of illness or injury, our doctors provide you the priority and treat you based on your needs.

Disease Management

We help you in the management of diseases like cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease etc through medications, making lifestyle changes, testing and monitoring.