In order to ensure excellence in medical care, we assess performance at each and every step of laboratory testing. In order to detect, correct and prevent shortcomings in the entire analytic process, we have a quality control system in place where in there is a continuous evaluation of processes and techniques.

Internal Quality Controls (IQC)

Tesla Diagnostics Chandanagar stringently abides by the following IQC standards

  • For both Assayed and Immunoassay Chemistry we have Biorad Controls
  • For Clinical Pathology we have positive and negative controls from Dirui
  • For Haematology we have in place R & D controls
  • For Routine Serology we have internal positive and negative controls provided by kits.

External Quality Assurance Schemes (EQA)

Apart from the various internal quality checks we also participate in various external assurance programs. This aims to examine the accuracy of test results from the time a sample is received to testing and reporting the results. Some of the EQAs are listed below.


Organizing Body Programme Department
Randox RIQAS Haematology
Biorad EQAS Immunoassay
Biorad EQAS Assayed Chemistry
ILPT ILPT Clinical pathology
Shankar Netralaya IAMM Serology