7 Essential Diabetes Tests That One Should Undergo

These days, diabetes has become very normal. It can impact every part of your body starting from the brain to the feet. However, one of the finest ways to limit diabetes is by undergoing regular tests and checkups. These tests will aid you in recognizing the health issues at their early encounters and in turn, you can simply avoid the complications and get effective treatment.

1. A1C test

This test is one of the best ways to find out the sugar level in the blood that is in your body for some period of time. This test is also called a glycated hemoglobin test should not be done when you are with an empty stomach. It can easily measure the sugar levels in the blood that are for a period of two to three months. Just a small quantity of blood will be accumulated and the level of HbA1c gives the average sugar in the blood in the last 90 days. People who have low hemoglobin level in their blood and pregnant women will show inconsistent results to HbA1C test. This makes those results inaccurate. In such cases, the doctor may advise you to undergo other diabetes tests.

2. FBS test (Fasting blood sugar)

Fasting blood sugar test comprises taking blood after fasting for a whole night. The person who is undergoing this test should fast for at least 8-12 hours prior to undergoing this test. If the sugar level in the blood is less than 100 mg/dl then your condition is normal. If your result ranges from 100-125 mg/dl indicates that you are in the stage of prediabetes. If your result equals 126 mg/dl or more than that then you are suffering from diabetes.

3. OGTT (Oral glucose tolerance test )

The Oral glucose tolerance test takes two hours. This test is basically done to check the glucose levels in your blood and it is carried out before the FBS test and after two hours when you have a sweet drink that is specially made from 75 grams of glucose. It is done as per the guidelines of the World Health Organization. This test enables the doctor to evaluate the way your body processes glucose. If the glucose level in your body is equal to or greater than 200 mg/dl then you are having diabetes. If your result is in the range of 140-199 mg/dl then you are in the prediabetes stage. If your result is below 140 mg/dl then you are in the normal stage.

4. Random blood sugar test

This random blood sugar analysis does not require any fasting and blood can be taken out at any period of the day without considering when you had your food. If your result will be more than or comparable to 200 mg/dl and showing the signs of diabetes then it is surely an indication that you are affected by diabetes. Along with this, an extra examination for blood sugar must be carried out to validate the diagnosis.

5. Blood pressure test

Studies show that hypertension and diabetes occur at the same time. These symptoms will not only progress the danger of causing a stroke but also leads to a heart attack. Specialists recommend that everyone should undergo the blood pressure test on a regular time basis and discuss the observations with their doctor for more extensive diagnosis. It will be better if you get examined your diabetic profile tests  every three months and maintain a record of all your results. If you are a diabetic then you must balance your blood pressure 90 mmHg diastolic to 140 mmHg systolic.

6. Eye examination:

When your blood has a high level of sugar, it can cause microvascular damage. It is deeply advised you to undergo diabetic eye examinations for once a year. This will aid you in identifying the signs of diabetes beforehand.

7. ECG (Electrocardiogram):

If your age is more than 50 then make certain that an ECG test is included in your regular medical tests by your doctor. It is very difficult to site the symptoms of heart disease if you are affected by diabetes.

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