CBCT Scan and it's Advantages

What exactly is Cone Beam CT?

A standard CT scan stands for "computed tomography" - a type of medical imaging that combines multiple X-ray measurements into virtual "slices" of an object, allowing the physician to see within the object without cutting into it. Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT scan) is a sub-type of this imaging that is optimized for use in fields such as dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, and endodontics.

The mode of its working-

CBCT scan is a relatively new technology. They produce 3D dental imaging using a rotating gantry attached to an X-ray source and detector. Due to the cone-shaped source of ionizing radiation that is directed through the area being examined, dental cone beam CTS produce hundreds of planar projection images during a single rotation.

This 3D dental scan differs from traditional CT because their cone shape allows for the incorporation of the entire field of vision, whereas medical CTs use a fan-shaped beam that requires stacking individual image slices to create a 3D representation.

CBCT scan produces 3D dental X-ray images of the jaws and teeth. They enable physicians to see the exact shape of the bone, making it easier to assess the patient's potential response to dental implants or other specialty procedures.

Their contribution to the dental field:

CBCT scan is a safe and common imaging technique that is usually quick and painless. It helps ensure that the dentist or orthodontist gets the most accurate assessment possible of the teeth and jaws. Dental CT scans are inexpensive compared to other imaging technologies.

As a dental scan/CBCT can give the dentist an in-depth view of teeth, jaw, gums, nerves, and sinuses – it can help detect and diagnose many diseases.

These diseases and complications include:

Airway sleep disorders such as sleep apnea


Bone cancer, tumors, or cysts


Tooth root infections, root canals, or other problems with the core of the tooth

Gum problems

Nasal Anatomy, include: septum, turbinates’ and sinuses.

 CBCT scan cuts the radiation exposure dramatically when compared to medical CT. It helps the dentists in the following:

 Providing accurate measurements, including shape and dimensions of the jaw – which is useful for dental implant surgery, and taking measurements for oral appliances

Detecting lesions that may indicate serious disease

Diagnosing airway sleep disorders

Identifying the precise location of an infection in the tooth.

Benefits of CBCT scan over the regular CT scan:

  • 90% less radiation exposure as compared to CT scans.
  • Quick procedure of 30 seconds to a minute as compared to one hour procedure in CT scans.
  • No discomfort like claustrophobia or loud noise.
  • This dental scan procedure is quick and painless.
  • CBCT technology allows the dentists to use flapless implant placement, which is less invasive for the patient and reduces discomfort and speeds up the recovery process.
  • CBCT scan allows the dentists to measure the amount of jawbone available so that they can determine not only if bone grafting is required prior to placing the implant but also the exact location where the implant must be placed for long-term success.

CBCT, a boon to the medical field:

A CBCT system impresses with its simple operability and integration into routine practices, shorter examination times—including higher image sharpness and lower radiation dose—increased X-ray tube efficiency and lower image distortion because of movements of the patient.

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