Everything You Should Know About the CBC Test


Have you ever been suggested by your doctor to take the CBC test at any diagnostic centre? Did you wonder what CBC Test means and want to know more about it? This article will let you understand everything about this diagnostic test. Let's get into more details.

Complete Blood Count, or CBC, is a type of blood test that aids a medical expert in determining a patient's general state of health. Additionally, it can find potential medical issues like leukaemia or anaemia that the patient may have. As part of annual health maintenance plans or routine checkup schedules, doctors typically advise completing this test. In addition, patients who exhibit symptoms like weakness, fever, or exhaustion may also be required to have this examination.

Purpose of Taking the Complete Blood Count Test

Let us see the purpose of having the CBC test done at the best diagnostic centre in Hyderabad.

It is an all-inclusive report

As previously stated, doctors advise performing this test as part of a comprehensive physical. In addition, doctors can assess their patients' general health using the test's results.

It helps diagnose medical conditions

Your doctor will advise getting a CBC if you have a sickness, especially if it's difficult to diagnose your ailment from the outside.

To know the effects of a medical treatment

Sometimes it is impossible to see whether a patient benefits from treatment from the outside. Your doctor might ask you to have a CBC Test in certain circumstances.

To monitor the health condition

Your doctor could advise getting a CBC to check your blood cell count if you have a specific medical issue that affects your RBCs. It will assist medical professionals in choosing the best course of action.

What Will the CBC Test Measure?

The following are measured during a complete blood count examination:

White Blood Cells (WBC)

White blood cells, or WBC, are what your body uses to fight infections. These cells support your body's defences against potentially hazardous internal bacteria.

Red Blood Cells (RBC)

Red blood cells, or RBCs, are in charge of carrying oxygen throughout a person's body. To release it, they also transport carbon dioxide.

Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV)

The size of your RBCs is gauged using a scale called MCV, or Mean Corpuscular Volume. These cells' dimensions can give doctors a wealth of knowledge about a patient's health.


The protein called haemoglobin keeps oxygen in a person's blood.


Doctors can determine the number of RBCs in a patient's blood by looking at their hematocrit readings. Low percentage values could indicate an iron shortage. However, this mineral always maintains the appropriate RBC count.


When a patient is injured, platelets begin to work. A particular component of your blood creates blood clots to block blood flow.

How to Prepare for CBC Test?

You don't need any exclusive preparation for the test. You only need to pay the CBC Test Fee and then go to the pathology centre to deliver the sample. Alternatively, if the pathology lab permits it, you might request that a licenced Phlebotomist come to your location to obtain the blood sample. However, doctors might advise against eating anything for a few hours before blood collection, depending on your health. Ask if you have to follow suit or not.

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Everything You Should Know About the CBC Test
  Have you ever been suggested by your doctor to take the CBC test at any diagnostic centre? D...
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