Important Diabetes Profile Tests- Cost & Safety Measures

Diabetes is known as the most severe disease which causes damages to several organs of the body. Also, it may take some time for coming out of the symptoms of diabetes. Conversely, an expert doctor might have a chance to identify the status in its earlier stages by conducting various diabetes profile tests. These medical tests can identify various forms of diabetes, including type 1, 2, and gestational. Here, we’ll discuss Diabetes Type 2 which is a severe status in Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes tests

As usual, Doctors can suggest different medical tests to identify type-2 diabetes, as in this condition the body generates insulin but couldn’t use it properly. Here, a blood sugar test is required to measure the status of Diabetes.

Important Diabetes Profile Tests:

Test -1: Fasting plasma glucose (FPG) test

The FPG test needs a person to have fast for 6 to 8 hours before giving a blood sample for testing purposes. The doctor's lab tends to conduct it early morning and the test generally involves withdrawing some amount of blood from any finger, or a specific vein in the arm. Diabetes Type-1 could be identified well with this test.

Test-2: Hemoglobin A1c test (HbA1c) (Without Fast)

The HBA1c test is conducted for measuring a person's average blood sugar level over the last 3 months. The doctor may also prescribe this as the HBA1c, or glycated hemoglobin test. It thoroughly measures the available glucose molecules to hemoglobin, which is a significant constituent of red blood cells (RBC).

The HBA1c test reports the average glucose level in RBC over the last 3 months. If this blood sugar (HB) level is more than 5.8%, it ensures about the availability of a higher volume of glucose in the blood, and this principle is stated by ADA (American Diabetes Association).

No need to have fast before this HBA1C test as it needs a small amount of blood sample and Diabetes type 2 can be detected well through this method.

Test -3: Random plasma glucose (RPG) test

An RPG test also tends to include a finger stick or taking out blood from a vein of the arm. RPG test does not need the person to fast before the test in comparison to the FPG test.

Type 1 Diabetes detection

Type 1 diabetes is much difficult to diagnose and it grows when the body does not generate sufficient insulin hormones to process the blood sugar. Without proper treatment, diabetes type 1 can raise the blood sugar level of a person to very high. In this case, doctors recommend for injection of insulin.

Other Diabetes profile tests:

Oral glucose tolerance test

For this test purpose, a person should keep fast and then drink a specific solution that carries glucose. A healthcare professional then measures blood sugar levels each one-hour interval for 2–3 hours.

If the results from FPG and HBA1C are not clear and no conclusion could be decided, the doctor may further order for any or all of the following tests:

• Test C-peptide – This test ensures the production of this C-peptide protein from the pancreas alongside insulin. Lower levels of C-peptide protein in the blood can recommend lower levels of insulin.

• Test Insulin (autoantibodies) - This test determines the availability of proteins that destroy insulin.

• Test Insulinoma-associated 2 (autoantibodies) - The availability of these antibodies that attacks the insulin generating cells.

• Test Glutamic acid decarboxylase (autoantibodies) - This test also detects the availability of antibodies that can destroy useful enzymes in insulin-generating cells.

• Test Islet cell cytoplasmic (autoantibodies): This type of antibodies is detected to ensure Diabetes type1.

• Test Zinc transport 8: This test detects antibodies that destroy insulin-generating beta cells.

After finding the results for the above tests, a doctor will be able to proceed to a conclusive and proper diagnosis.

Why do older adults get diabetes?

Studies say that the risk for diabetes grows with the age because of the lower volume of insulin hormone production, making diabetes usual in older adults. Most probably their food preference, inactiveness, under-nutrition, lower calorie intake, slow-digestion or poor diets, high blood pressure, and many more reasons cause diabetes. Fluid input is always lower in older people which cause dehydration, especially during bouts of illness.

What is the cost of Diabetes Profile tests & Measures

The cost of the Diabetes Profile test varies with the numbers of tests prescribed by doctors and up to find a conclusion, the doctor may suggest multiple tests. For an appropriate idea about all kinds of tests & diabetes test cost just checkout Tesla diabetesHealthpackage

Some of the Measures
  • Hold on to the required fast before giving the blood sample to different tests as providing samples after eating may not detect accurate results.
  • You should not eat anything except drinking water about 8 hours before the test.
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