Seven Important Liver Facts You Need to Know

Have you ever been suggested liver profile tests by a physician and ever searched for the best diagnostics center in Hyderabad? The liver, the second-largest organ in the human body, is primarily responsible for metabolism. About 500 recognized bodily processes supported by the liver, from nutrition storage to detoxification, are related to humans. An adult male's liver weighs between 1.3 and 1.5 kg and is located beneath and behind the right lower rib cage. These fascinating details regarding one of the human body's most vital organs are provided. Moreover, a few health checkup packages are available in well-known diagnostics centers like Telsa Diagnostics.

 Here are a few very interesting facts you need to know about the liver, the most vital part of the human body:

It's a storehouse of energy

Glycogen is the primary energy-supplying molecule for the human body and is stored in the liver. In the digestive tract, foods high in carbohydrates are broken down into smaller molecules and then into glucose. The GIT releases glucose into the bloodstream, which is then converted to glycogen (Glycogenesis) and stored in the liver. The liver can store roughly 100g of glycogen, or about 400 calories. The liver's glycogen is broken down to produce glucose when blood glucose levels are low (Glycogenolysis). Aside from amino acids and lipids, glucose can also be produced (Gluconeogenesis). Glucose is the only source of energy for tissues like the brain. A, D, E, K, Vitamin B12, Iron, and Copper are all also stored in the liver in modest amounts.

Site of blood synthesis in Fetus

Hemopoiesis is the process of producing new blood cells. In the first three months of fetal life (first trimester of pregnancy), the liver serves as the primary site of hematopoiesis. After that, the bone marrow only partially takes over until 32 weeks have passed.


The liver is also involved in the metabolism (production and breakdown) of proteins, lipids, and hormones, in addition to the metabolism of carbohydrates. Essential proteins like thrombopoietin, lipoproteins, and clotting factors are produced in the liver. Additionally, it has albumin, a significant blood protein that circulates. Vitamin D is converted into its physiologically active form with the assistance of the liver. Lipid metabolism mostly depends on the liver. A healthy liver helps maintain a healthy level of cholesterol in the body.

It can regenerate itself

Only the liver among the visceral organs may regenerate. The original tissue can regrow with as little as 51% of it.

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The liver helps in the excretion of numerous medications and substances by converting them into inactive metabolites. Kupffer cells are found in the liver, phagocytose dead cells, and microorganisms. Hydrogen peroxide, an oxidizing agent, is broken down into water and oxygen with its assistance. The liver aids in the metabolism of numerous medications and hormones. Toxicity may occur when the breakdown byproducts are more harmful than the parent medication.

Dual blood supply

The two blood vessels supply the liver, the hepatic artery, and the Portal vein. The portal venous system provides the liver with nutrient-rich blood from the GIT for further metabolism, whereas the hepatic artery delivers oxygenated blood from the heart.

Liver also suffers

When the liver is exposed to numerous poisons, medications, and bacteria, it can develop several diseases that can leave a person clinging to life support. It can include more deadly malignancies, hepatitis, and fatty liver. Some of these might only accidentally or extremely tardily surface during ordinary inquiries. Therefore, a frequent liver function test (LFT) can help to monitor these disorders. One of the signs of liver injury is jaundice.

To summarise, I hope you have now understood the very important facts and functions of the liver in the human body. But unfortunately, the liver is also prone to several infections and ailments. Thus, even a healthy-looking person must undergo Liver Profile Tests to detect liver-related illnesses. So, getting your liver function test done at regular intervals is the best choice. However, if you are looking out for the best diagnostic center and to avail yourself of the best health checkup packages, we suggest Tesla Diagnostics, the leading diagnostic center in Hyderabad.


Seven Important Liver Facts You Need to Know
Have you ever been suggested liver profile tests by a physician and ever searched for the best diagn...
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