Top 5 Facts You Should Know Before Getting a CT Scan

Are you looking for thebest diagnostic center in Hyderabad to get your CT Scan done? You might be worried about what to expect if this is your first CT scan. However, thanks to significant technological advancements, CT scans are painless and are now a common procedure. But since information is power, you can assure a simple experience and a successful scan that yields an accurate diagnosis by researching the scan and diagnostic facility ahead of time and asking questions.

5 Important Facts To Know About a CT Scan

Before you get your CT Scan in Hyderabad, here are the five important facts you need to know about a CT Scan.

Difference Between MRI/USG Scan and CT Scan

The aims of an MRI scan, an ultrasound, and a CT scan are extremely distinct from one another, and they all assist doctors in providing a sharper view of various body regions in various ways. A CT scan is advised when, for instance, certain bodily areas containing calcium (like the bones) or air (like the lungs) may not be readily seen on an MRI or ultrasound scan. Furthermore, since a CT scan is speedier than an MRI scan, it is preferred in urgent situations, like when a patient has had a head injury.

Patients in trauma instances might not be able to be sedated and might move around while the scan is being done. Because MRI scans are so sensitive to movement, they exhibit "motion artefacts," Based on your circumstances, your doctor and radiologist will advise you on the optimal scan option. But never be afraid to ask your doctor about your alternatives.

Know About a Contrast Dye

A contrast agent aids in bringing out certain interior body structures so that your doctor or radiologist can make a more precise diagnosis. It resembles shining a spotlight on specific body parts that have health issues. You will be required to fast for three hours before any scans that include contrast dye. A liquid that you must drink or a liquid that is injected into your veins will be used to administer the dye 45 minutes before the scan. Contrast agent side effects are a common concern for patients. However, they are uncommon and easily treatable. Some individuals may feel loose stools for the first 24 hours after the scan, although this will soon pass.

Remember to tell your doctor if you have ever experienced contrast dye sensitivity or an allergy, are diabetic and on any drugs, have kidney troubles, or are sensitive to particular medications.

Significance of Serum Creatinine Report

A serum creatinine report, which analyses the quantity of creatinine in your blood to examine how efficiently your kidneys are filtering toxins, is typically requested by imaging centers, including Star Imaging if you are having a CT scan with contrast. This report is important because the contrast material might not be suitable for persons with impaired kidney function since the kidneys might not be able to remove the contrast from the body.

You can get this report done at thebest diagnostic center in Hyderabad without any hassles.

Do Pacemaker Affects the CT Scan

No! It doesn't. Patients with pacemakers, cardioverter defibrillators, and other medical implants can safely endure a CT scan in contrast to an MRI scanner, which has a strong magnet that may harm those with medical implants. Wearing additional metal accessories, such as jewelry, should still be avoided. These objects won't necessarily be fatal for a CT scan but will affect its overall quality and outcomes.

Radiation From a CT Scan?

Since a CT scan employs strong X-rays, many individuals are concerned about the radiation it may cause. However, the radiation dose from a single CT scan is insignificant. Moreover, more recent equipment reduces radiation dosages while skilled radiologists customize the dose for each patient based on their unique circumstances and age. Additionally, CT scans are only advised when the advantages far outweigh any possible risks, such as diagnosing and treating life-threatening diseases.

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