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The idea of Wellness Program is to provide you with preventive and wellness resources for good health. How many of us take enough care of our health or rather give enough importance to health issues? Early detection of a disease by means of world class screening tests and preventive wellness checks can go a long way in proving you with optimal health and increased cure rate.
Studies reveal that about 80% of the illnesses comprises of preventable diseases. Fast paced lifestyles and endless work pressures can be held responsible to a large extent for diseases such as cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, asthma, cancer, obesity, hypertension, stress that claim thousands of lives every day.
At Tesla Diagnostics, we provide you with an expert, dedicated and personalized attention for all your wellness needs. We provide you with preventive health care in a non-hospital environment which ensures that the environment is safe, stress free, calm and pleasing. Although some of our patients show symptoms of a disease, most of them show any signs at all. Even those seemingly healthy individuals may have conditions diagnosed. For example, coronary disease can be diagnosed at an asymptomatic stage or at an early stage. Early diagnosis helps prevent complications such as stroke, heart attack etc which may prove to be fatal. On leaving Tesla you will be carrying home an increased awareness of your own responsibilities for a healthy being.
Tesla offers a comprehensive range of Wellness packages all under one roof including:

  • Radio Diagnosis
  • Cardiology Diagnosis
  • Executive Health Checkup package
  • Comprehensive Health Checkup packages
  • Standard Checkup Package for Women
  • Vital Checkup Package for Women
  • Renal Profile Package
  • Diabetic Profile Package
  • Heart Checkup Package and many more

For more details regarding our packages, fix an appointment today.

Health Packages
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