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Tesla Diagnostics is an established and expanding lab offering diagnostic services at Chandanagar. We have set up several polyclinics that cater to our customers offering multi disciplinary services. We have a dedicated team of experts who offer consultations and are available mostly during the evening hours though some of them are available round the clock.

All our consultants are assisted by dedicated receptionists who can help you in fixing up an appointment. Prior appointments are to be scheduled in order to meet an expert. Our experts will assess your condition and suggest tests or investigations if necessary. All the necessary tests and investigations are carried out at Tesla and the results revaluated by our specialists. Appropriate treatment would be suggested. In case, you require hospitalization or specialist advice you would be referred to the concerned hospital or doctor.

You can also schedule a consultation with our endocrinologist, cardiologist, gynaecologist in case of a specific disease.

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