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Health Management Tips


Health Management Tips

Today, unhealthy lifestyle is a major reason for the growing number of people affected with health problems like stroke, diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc.

Listed below are a few tips that help you lead a healthy life

  • Exercise Daily– As important as brushing daily. Start with exercise for 10 minutes and gradually increase the time. It could be any form of exercise such as cycling, walking, jogging etc. You could also take the stairs instead of an elevator or try parking your vehicle at a 10 minute distance from your office such that you walk to work.

  • Healthy Diet– Replace junk food or high fat fast food with healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts etc.

  • Weight Loss– Too much of body weight may increase your risk of heart disease, stroke or diabetes. When the intake of calories is more than your body burns, it results in extra fat. So the rule of thumb is to eat less and exercise more to burn the extra fat.

  • Regular screening– Depending on your family history, your risks of certain diseases may be high. Get screened regularly for breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer etc. Also, regular screenings for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol etc are recommended. Talk to your physician who can suggest the right screening tests based on your medical and family history.

  • Reduce Stress– Set limits on work hours. Make sure that you get good sleep and exercise. Eat right, reduce stress. It is very important to ensure healthy life and longevity.

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