Diabetic Profile Tests
Rs 1800/-

The greatest contemporary risk of all time is a deskbound lifestyle which has lead to a sluggish, imbalance of energy and various harmful ailments. Preventive health care methodologies, early disease diagnosis, consulting doctors, vaccinations on time should be done to save ourselves from the further threat. Staying informed about healthy lifestyles, habits and physical activities like exercise, sports, etc will make you strong and ensures health and strength. Clearly understanding diabetes and the symptoms, causes and precautionary steps can help you in shielding against it.

Diabetes is a chronic disease and it stimulates a high level of sugar in the blood. However, diabetic sufferers can undoubtedly lead a routine life, but only by following certain habits and healthy lifestyle. Uncontrolled and unchecked diabetes will surely cause long-term complications. Regular blood sugar test for every 3 months and monitoring of your blood sugar levels is necessary for wellbeing. Presenting a broad spectrum of appropriate medical tests, the cardinal diabetic test at Tesla Diagnostics is carefully crafted to diagnose and treat those ailments on time.

Actual Amount : Rs 3610/-

Diabetic Profile Tests includes

  • Blood Sugar (Fasting, Post Prandial)
  • HbA1C
  • Complete Urine Examination
  • Lipid Profile
  • Blood Urea
  • Serum Creatinline
  • Urine Micro Albumin
  • Complete Blood Picture
  • X – Ray Chest
  • ECG
  • Phycian Consultation

Avail Tesla Diagnostic’s diabetic profile test for a clear picture of your blood sugar levels periodically. Get your diabetes test done. consult our expert Diabetologists and Internal Medicine Specialists for a wholesome guidance and ensure you are free from this chronic ailment.




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