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Vital Check-Up For Men


Vital Check Up For Men

Body requires regular maintenance, irrespective of your age and health conditions. These days most of the men are never getting that care and are ending up recognizing the complications when they are getting too worse or out of hands. Everything is because of the lack of awareness about themselves.

The changes in eating habits and lifestyle has made us fall prey to many chronic diseases. A regular mens health check-up is recommended for men of all age groups. You can be aware of all kinds of health complication whether they may be short-term or long-term. In turn, you can take some preventive measures before the health issues turning into serious and dangerous.

Male health check up consists of

  • Bloodsugar (Fasting,Postprandial)

  • Serum Electrolytes

  • Haemogarm

  • ESRv

  • Lipid profile

  • SGPT

  • Alkaline Phosphatase

  • Albumin/Globulin/A/C/Ratio

  • Total proteins

  • ECG

  • 2D Echo

  • TMT

  • Serum Bilirubin(Direct/indirect/Total)

  • Serum Creatinine

  • HBs(Ag)

  • HIV

  • VDRL

  • Ultrasound whole Abdomen

  • Thyroid profile (T3 T4 TSH)

  • SGOT

  • Blood Urea Nitrogen

  • Complete urine Examination

  • Blood Grouping -Rh-typing

  • X-ray Chest

  • PSA Physician consultation

we are offering affordable price tags specially for mens full health check up packages suitable for people from various income levels.

Tesla Diagnostics offers mens health check to all the men to verify the overall wellness and health. This package assesses all the important health parameters of men and gives a complete view of their present health status. Having known about all the major ailments in men, we help in preventing both short-term and long-term health complications.

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