Must Do Medical Tests For Men Above 50 Years

It is always necessary for you to take care of your body. For this, you need to get some fundamental tests done frequently. But as we grow old, our body undergoes some transformations and those transformations have to be regularly monitored. And also the tests that have to be carried out varies with our age. A regular mens health check-up is recommended for men of all age groups. Here we presented a complete list of medical tests for men above 50years and check-ups that must be done.

List of medical tests for men above 50years


1. Blood pressure check-up

Blood pressure always requires regular monitoring. As known, high BP plays a crucial role in causing heartaches and heart strokes and it does not reveal any specified symptoms. So, the only way to be aware of it is by getting done frequent tests for blood pressure. Supervising your blood pressure will aid you in making the necessary diet and exercise modifications that will help you stay away from hypertension. Moreover, stress and physical laziness are also reasons for high Blood Pressure. So, to keep your body and health in perfect condition, it is mandatory to have regular BP check-ups.

2. Fasting Glucose Test and Blood Sugar Test and HbA1c Test

You may not have diabetes but you have someone who has diabetes in your family or you may be leading a physically inactive life. Then you are advised to get a fasting glucose test. This test helps in diagnosing diabetes in beforehand. If you are already suffering from diabetes then you should be getting done the blood glucose test regularly to supervise and keep diabetes in the limit. Also, getting the HbA1c Test is useful in obtaining an accurate evaluation of the glucose levels. With this, you can make the required reforms to your exercises and diet respectively. Without conducting regular tests it is difficult to stay informed about the rise and fall of the sugar levels in your body. This will surely lead to dangerous problems like impairment of the organs and other life-threatening issues.

3. Lipid Profile test

Our digestion process will slow down with the increase in age. This is escorted by obesity and other poor food habits that will lead to an increase in cholesterol levels. This is due to the furtherance of Low-density lipoprotein or any fatty substances in the blood. This results in blockages of the heart when it is not controlled in time. By just getting frequent check-ups done, you can remain informed about the type of changes you need to follow in your food and exercise routines.

4. Tests regarding the functioning of Liver and Kidney

The ailments of organs like Liver and Kidney generally reveal their symptoms when they are in a severe stage. A survey reveals that two in every six Indians are suffering from these liver ailments. While eighteen percent of the population in the metropolitan cities are prone to kidney-related diseases. These are the reasons why it is significant to get done these Kidney and Liver functioning tests regularly. By these tests, you can simply get to know the ailments like Hepatitis, chronic kidney ailments, Cirrhosis, etc. And you can easily cure the diseases before reaching the critical stage.

5. PSA Tests

Prostate-Specific Antigen is a fluid that is generated by the prostate gland. This gland is responsible for the production of semen in males. When a man gets old the PSA fluid secretion starts to rise by default. However, too much secretion of this substance leads to an increase in the probability of getting prone to prostate cancer. These type of cases are mostly found in the men who are above 50. It has become mandatory to get this PSA test done at least once in a year. So you can easily identify prostate cancer in its early stages. Apart from this, this test is also used to detect Prostatitis.

It is compulsory to get all the health check ups and medical tests for men above 50years on regular basis.Moreover, choose a trustworthy and credible diagnostics center is equally important. The technicians at Tesla Diagnostics can perform all the tests efficiently with their vast knowledge over various fields of medicine. We can also accurately deliver the test results with our new-age equipment and we ensure that we worth every penny you spent.


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