MRI Scan - Cost & Safety measures before undergoing the Test

What is MRI scanning?

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI scan) is imperative for a detailed image of tissues and organs. It uses radio waves and magnetic fields to get a clear picture of the affected organ. It is recommended in times of head injuries, strokes, tumors, breast cancer, joint disorders, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, mental trauma, etc. And it is regarded as the safest medical procedure as there is no evidence of the severe side effects.

What organs are scanned through MRI?

The organs of the body such as Brain, Spinal cord, Head, Abdomen, Bone, joints (knee, shoulder, wrist, etc.), Heart, blood vessels (cardiology), Liver, kidneys, Breast, and Womb, etc. are scanned through MRI.

You can avail MRI scan either at the multi-specialty hospitals or diagnostic centers. However, most of the people are now preferring to take tests at the diagnostic centers.


The advantages of diagnostic centers:
  • One destination for all clinical findings:

The advantage of diagnostic centers is they are specially designed for taking all types of tests ranging from complete blood picture (CBP), lipid profile, random blood sugar (RBS), to advanced scans such as CT, MRI, and more. Moreover, the health care professionals provide various health checkup packages (that cover the whole body) in their diagnostics and polyclinic centers.

  • Latest Medical equipment:

With the advent of technology and medicine, we are availed with handheld and advanced medical equipment. And all the diagnostic centers can own many branded machines for accurate test results.

  • Availability:

With the rise of radiologists and diagnostic centers, it has now become easier for the patients to take any test in their vicinity. Now, they no longer need to go to the hospital. All the manual tests can be done at the nearest diagnostics and polyclinic centers.

  • Cost-effective:

They offer all types of tests and packages at reasonable prices less than the prices at hospitals.

How much does it cost for an MRI scan?

The cost for MRI scan depends on various factors such as the specific parts of the body that is receiving the scan (MRI brain cost, Head MRI, Spinal MRI, etc.), the type of approach that administered; plain or contrast. This non-invasive and painless procedure costs the patients from INR 6000 to INR 10000 as an average at the multi-specialty hospitals. The cost structure may differ from equipment to equipment such as MRI 3.0 Tesla and MRI 1.5 Tesla. It may stretch up with additional charges from INR 8000 to INR 10000.

However, at the diagnostic centers, people might afford in the range between 5000 to 6000 along with additional charges (if the patients want a more in-depth study of the organ), it will be stretched from 7000 to 8000. And the full-body scan cost you between INR 18000 to INR 25000 in India.

With the rise of diagnostics centers like Tesla Diagnostics, the MRI scan center in Hyderabad which is spread with various branches covering Hyderabad with advanced medical equipment by branded companies. It offers various health checkup packages at affordable prices. Here is the complete list of the costs of MRI scans for various organs.



Plain(Price Range)With Contrast(Price Range)







Abdomen and pelvis









Spine Dorsa/Lumber



Cervical spine






Chest/ Thorax



Whole Spine



What are the safety measures for MRI scan?

  • The patients who have implants of any type in the body will have to be checked for compatability before going.
  • The persons who are going through MRI scan need to remove all metallic objects on their bodies such as jewelry, metal ornaments, cosmetics that contain metal, watches, hair ornaments, belt buckles, safety pins, magnetic strip materials such as phones, purses, wallets, credit cards, etc.
  • Patients will be given sedative medication to reduce anxiety or claustrophobia.
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