The importance of the Lipid profile test

A lipid panel, or a lipid profile, is usually performed to check the lipid levels in your blood. Lipids are nothing but Fats that can't be dissolved in the blood.

what is lipid profile test used for?

If the lipid levels are found to be high in your blood then the risk of getting heart diseases and heart strokes will surely increase.

The Lipid profile test also measures the total cholesterol level in your blood that means both the harmful LDL cholesterol and the good HDL cholesterol. Also, the triglycerides, a special kind of fat that is found in the blood can be measured with this test. Now let us discuss the importance of cholesterol in our body

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a smooth matter, and at regular levels is very much vital for biological functions like playing a major part in the formation of cell walls, enabling the body to generate vitamin D, producing digestive bile juice in the small intestine and allowing the body to generate some particular hormones. If the levels of cholesterol increase rapidly, there are chances of it becoming a quiet threat that places you at risk of several critical complications including, peripheral artery disease, heart disease, and heart attacks.

Cholesterol is transported in the blood connected to the protein molecules called lipoproteins. The two main forms of cholesterol are

Difference between LDL and HDL

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL)

It is usually known as bad or harmful cholesterol as too much of this type of cholesterol can intensify the threat of many deadly diseases like blocking of arteries which are also called atherosclerosis. This will become the major source of the cause of cardiovascular ailments.

High-density cholesterol (HDL)

It is called good cholesterol as it serves as a guard and eliminates all fatal and bad cholesterol.

The main Reasons for the high levels of cholesterol are



When high cholesterol perseveres in any of your family members or family, then you are at a more prominent risk when compared to others.

Contemporary Lifestyle:

Lifestyles that involve alcohol, junk food, smoking, highly-processed meats, and dairy products on a regular basis, and physically inactive can increase the levels of cholesterol in your body rapidly.


It is always essential to consume healthy and good food. Trans fat is present in the packaged food and fried items. And saturated fat is present in food like egg yolks, cheese, butter, meat, and milk. These can increase the cholesterol levels in your body.


If you are obese and overweight, then there are possibilities of you facing difficulties with high cholesterol to a greate extent.

Medical History:

If you already had a history of heart issues, high levels of cholesterol, then you need to get yourself examined very frequently.

How it is tested?

As mentioned above, it is a basic blood test that will measure the whole cholesterol level in your body. A tiny sample of your blood will be taken from any of your arms and is later examined in a lab. The LDL, HDL, and triglycerides are estimated in the bloodstream from the sample collected.

The levels of Triglyceride and the quantity of LDL are influenced most by the type of food or liquids that you have recently consumed and hence, no food must be eaten for four to six hours ahead of getting a Lipid profile test done. But, if you are not going to fast, the value of total cholesterol and HDL will be accepted.

The guidelines of doctors affirm that women and men who are above twenty years of age must surely get their level of cholesterol examined. And of course, it is certainly mandatory, particularly if you are having a history of cholesterol issues and heart complications. Getting done this Lipid profile test for at least once in a year, even though you are strong and healthy.

There are many health checkup packages like executive health check up that have included this lipid profile test. Being aware of your levels of cholesterol will absolutely aid you in leading a longer and healthier life.


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